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Silent Angel

Bonn N8 Pro | Audio Grade 8 x 1000BASE-T Ports GbE Switch

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  • Optimizes digital music for a superior HiFi experience
  • Preserves the integrity of the source and delivers a high-purity signal to connected components
  • Purpose-engineered for high resolution streaming networks
  • Two available models: one with an external clock input and one without
  • Eight gold-plated Gigabit Ethernet ports with spaced out ports to reduce possible signal interference
  • Class-leading radar-grade internal switching power supply module, exclusive to noise-sensitive acoustic equipment
  • Perfectly timed data transmission and low network latency and jitter effects thanks to the TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator)
  • Auxiliary DC power jack and gold-plated grounding terminal for performance upgrades and power noise reduction
  • LED light switch allows users to turn the port status indicator on or off
  • Designed to create a dedicated HiFi network zone that effectively isolates audio devices from other digital traffic and eliminates noise and latency issues
  • Exclusive clock module with TCXO and ultra-low-noise clock synthesizer for accurate timing and reduced jitter
  • Class-leading clock receiving module accommodates an external clock input (available on N8 PRO-CLK model only)
  • Highly permeable EMI absorber and gold-plated RJ45 connectors for noise reduction and stable signal transmission
  • Low-noise voltage regulator circuit and fast response time for stable power processing
  • Option to connect to an external linear power supply via the DC jack
  • Switchable internal/external clock selector (available on N8 PRO-CLK model only)